Just ordered a rekluse pro

Just ordered a rekluse pro and i was planning on replaceing the friction disks when i install. I dont race, but plan on running some hare scrambles this fall. There is a huge price difference on the clutches. What is a good mid range price to expect or suggestion on which disks to order.

Friction disks only take 15-20 minutes at most to change out. I wouldn't change the disks unless they are out of spec. No need. The clutch plates will last just as long with the rekluse as they do with a manual clutch, probably longer if you don't use the rekluse as an exuse to ride in the wrong gear.

But when you do, the OEM clutch plates from north county yamaha are pretty cheap and they ship same day usually. I've tried but did not have success with the tusk clutch plates.

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