how do i steer?

i know how to steer, but i mean this... two strokes can be steered with the rear wheel, throw it into a berm, slam the back brake on, and then nail the throttle to keep the wheel not actually hooking up, and itll slide around and youll get outa there fast...ok, on a four stroke your supposed to sorta take the outside line, rail the berm, then square it off by nailing the gas, and go right? well the works good on tracks with nice soil...but what about hard pack tracks. i dont want to eat up my tire by slamming brakes on, nailing gas, spinning tires. tires are expensive!!! so how do you guys navigate your thumpers? this seems to be my only obsticle keeping me from goin fast around the whole track...i even learned how to NOT coast into corners, i know how to brake hard now. i had to get used to my beasty bike so, any help is good. thanx yall.


I'm certainly not the best at corners either, but I've been working on this. Flattracking thru a corner. The 426 seems to really respond well to this. It's especially effective if the corner is flat with little or no berm.

On entry, keep weight over the back of bike, use compression breaking with light amount of foot brake in the rear and brake hard with the front but not hard enough to cause the front to lock up and push out.. as the bike begins to lean into the corner, gently back off the front brake so the rebound does not cause the front to loose traction pull in the clutch and use the foot brake to turn the back of the bike if needed. As bike pivots, back off the rear brake and feed out the clutch. Roll on the throttle as the bike points in the desired direction.... and then drop the hammar. This is how I do it.. I'm not a gun and run type of guy.

Using the clutch in every turn is the wrong technique for our four strokes.

Do most of your braking before entering the turn. As you approach the apex, start rolling on the throttle. You want to be getting on the gas and maybe break the rear tire loose just a little bit as you pivot. As you finish the pivot, roll the throttle on hard but don't yank it open.

on a stroker, the clutch is used as little as possible, use throttle control mostly, if the turn is super tight, you may need to pull the clutch to prevent stalling, but never dump it, think of it as a road bike, you to have finesse.

TMX AND MY DOGS BITE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I firmly agree with Scott's reply. Until I traded my 94 YZ250 in on my 426 just recently, I have been trail riding 4-strokes and MXing 2-strokes concurrently. The only time I use my clutch is to get off the starting line! Use the front brake hard with your weight slightly to the rear, then as soon as you begin to roll over into the turn, release the brake(s) and roll the throttle on. Woheee! It is better than sex! (I have been married awhile though, so you know)

agree with scott too. you have the chance with a 4s to roll the throttle on early & drive out the corner. 4s don't want to break traction, that's why they're so quick. they hook up & go forward fast.

kick down through the 'box hard & you'll be safe & ready to roll out the corner.

if you want to brake extra late you'll need to pull the clutch in & lock it all up etc, all crossed up & having fun. bad news is, the motor had better still be running & you better have the right gear!


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Hey Eric,

This is were I notcied you are slower than me at! This is what I do... I go into turns hauling butt then at the last second nail your front brake all the way (just make sure you dont launch the berm) this is where riders go slow they hit the brakes too early and "coast" through the turn! To be competitive go full steam into the turn and nail your brake as hard as you can then get out of the turn as quickly as possible (turn your idle screw up) I slowly begin to transfer my weight to the back of the bike (for traction) and so I can be prepared to seat bump for a jump! Hey Eric you know that double at Highlands right out of the berm on the supercross track (in the back section after the 110ft triple)...this is the method I use! Hope this helps! Be ready to eat roost this weekend though! LOL



I get my kicks on a 2001' YZ426!

Friendswood, TX

Oh yeah I NEVER use my rear brake (except for crowd pleasing wheelies :) ) fact on my old XR400 it rusted on so that i had to use a hammer to get it off!

Eric, since you are obsessed with saving weight you know what im thinking...I should take my rear brake off to SAVE WEIGHT! LOL (this is sort of an inside joke fellas)



I get my kicks on a 2001' YZ426!

Friendswood, TX

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allright guys thanks alot. that stuff will help me alot...hopefully i can put all the correct knowledge yall have laid down to good use. so i will try...and hey garret, i think that in all actuality i do brake hard, i just dont keep it on as hard, but i guess i could brake hard seeing as i have a huge front rotor!!!but anyway, im learning how to controll this beast, my bike has a hard low end hit ( due to engine mods) then it revs super high, and its such a hard hit that im not used to.anyway im not whining, just complaining that i dont get to ride more..he he, see ya later


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