Will riding long distance on road be no good for my WR400

Hey guys,

Just new to the forum. I recently bought a 2000 WR400, its had a top end rebuild and it will be mainly used off road, but question is i could possibly need to ride it about 15 mile up to a mates place on the road before hitting the tracks. Are they up to it or will it do it damage. Does anyone commute on theres or ride long distances on road???? I will only need to do this now and then but if its no good for the bike i'll chuck it on the ute and drive up there


It will be fine. Just do not keep it pinned at high rpms for a long periods of time.

They handle it fine,even at high rpms:smirk:

Some of our high-country trail rides have this one main stretch of highway as a connector. We probably do at least 10 miles on this stretch year after year. No problems. As stated, just keep the bike in "normal" rpm and you'll be fine. Heck, one rider even does a wheelie for a mile or two at 60mph, and his engine/tranny has no issues.

I ride mine to trail heads all the time. On one particular trip, the mountain pass I wanted to take was closed so I had to ride about 70 miles on asphalt and almost 20 miles of that was on the interstate at about 75 mph. The bike has done fine, but I always worry about it on asphalt. I'm much more comfortable with it on dirt.

Steel valves vs. Ti is a big plus on this score. Supposedly there can be some tranny issues with some upgraded/updated parts available. However, I'm also sure that if you know how to shift properly and don't overrev the motor, you'll do fine. Anyway, that's what I betting on with my plated WR400.

Thanks for the input guys. Yeah i'll just be cruising till we hit the dirt so by the sounds of things it will be fine. I just got put off by a mate that blew his 450 by commuting everyday, but mind you he flogs the shit out of it and isnt real handy with the spanners or services so that probably explains his problems. Cheers lads

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