Revised AMSOIL study

Revised amsoil study. I think it's ok to post here as the yz 450 is mentioned. :banana::)

not sure if this has been previously posted.

This version was published at least a year ago, and has been referenced a few times since.

One of the things I wish they would do is include some of the automotive oils that are most often substituted for motorcycle oils.

Looks like Maxima stepped up their game a bit, still running the Amsoil in my 450 though. I'm running the Mobil 1 Race in my R1; Amsoil got a good choice for the rice burners?

Amsoil got a good choice for the rice burners?
What makes you ask that?

I dunno, you ask you learn... Same oil for a dirt bike vs. street?

Sure, why not? Typically, a street driven bike wouldn't need as much protection, but an engine that produces 180 HP/Liter isn't really that typical.

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