Unburned fuel in new big tank

I just put an IMS 4.6 gallon "see through" tank on my '01 650R and there is about a gallon of fuel in the low, left side that dosen't get consumed. If I shut off the petcock and lay the bike on it's side, I get some fuel over to where it can be used, but much dumps out of the carb. and much stays to the left,below the petcock, out of reach. Any suggestions? I feel stupid, hauling around a gallon of gas that I can't get to.

I recall where someone added another petcock to the left side and tee'd the fuel lines so they could use all the fuel in the tank, but its pretty much the same issue with the Clarke tank as well. I think most people just live with it and lean the bike over 'if they have to'.

Here is a neat little siphon:


You would still need to carry a collapsable container of some kind in order to keep the drain end of the tube below the pump end.

This would make transferring fuel form the left to the right side alot neater. Of course, adding another petcock may not be much more expensive. I just don't know how you would get your hand inside the fuel tank in order to securely mount the additional petcock. I am probably missing something here???????

The problem with the extra petcock is that it would be below the float bowl. The fuel on the right side would then settle to the left side because of the T. I tried :) but could not make fuel run up hill. The few times that "Betty" been laid over to use that fuel I was glad I had it.

The few times that "Betty" been laid over to use that fuel

I want a bigger tank, but damn if I'm going to get one that has to be laid over to get to that extra fuel... :)

"but damn if I'm going to get one that has to be laid over to get to that extra fuel.."

They say people in Hell would like some ice water also... :)

The stock tank also has that same "lay her over to get that fuel" situation.

Here Here! I was gonna respond with virtually the same response. Unless you wanna have bow legs like a Brama Bull rider, you only have 2 ways to go. Up or down with the larger tank design. The Clark 4.3 seems to be the best compromise to me. I have to admit, the first time I was light years away from camp and I had to switch to reserve, I was concerned about getting back. Once I realized what I was packing on the "Lame Duck" (PIG?) side, I felt a whole lot better. Yeah, It's bizarre to have to stop and squat (?) but considering the alternative, I'd stand on my head if it would keep me from pushing my rig back to camp in 100 degree weather! :)

I have the IMS 4.6 gallon clear tank. I only run it when I am going on long trips and then switch back to the stock tank (better ergos) for most rides. One trip in Baja we were running low on gas and had to stop and lay the bikes over (2 650's on that trip) to get the gas on the right side and this little bit of gas got us into the town that night that we planned to stay and fuel up so if that's what it takes then I will do this any time before I push. I also found that its better to wait until the gas is almost gone because if you stop to lay the bike over often, most of the gas splashes back to the other side.

Thanks for all of the input. I am OK with the situation now. The guy I called at IMS said the same thing (though they are working on a cross over tube for some upcomming models).

I just think of it as a last resort reserve. If you wait untill the right side (and the carb.) run dry, then tip the bike beyond flat(on a slope) all the gas gets to the right and you can go maybe another 20 miles or so.

I lay it over on flat ground and pick up the rear wheel to slide the remaining fuel over.

In the olden days of large desert fuel tanks there used to be a hose that connected both sides of the tank. The hose typically ran under the frame/over the engine... usually a simple 'T' fitting installed on the bottom of the tank... this equalized the fuel.... don't know why they don't do that nowadays... :)

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