no good! the ama just adopted a new four stroke rule, 250cc in the 125 class, and only 450 in the 250 class, now all those guys on the 520sx cant race ama stuff!!! that sux!! at least they didnt butcher the 125 class. whew, but that means i can almost gurantee that Honda will have a 449cc that sux, now all 520 riders must point their falic front fenders toward the yamaha dealer, trade their pumpkins in for 426's. and complain...either that or find out how to ride a 400sx faster...mayeb KTM will bump up displacement on the 400sx to like 450, that would be cool. allright let me know what yall think!!!


When does the rule take effect? Surely it can't be after the series begins, right? Seems ludicrous to me given the weight disadvantage of the 4-strokes. Personally, I would like to see two separate 4-stroke classes added to the series.....NEXT YEAR....more racing for us! With the growth of our beloved sport, 4-stroke classes could probably be a huge boost and get more riders into the circuit and the manufacturers sell more bikes....and more development. A win/win for us all.

I am looking at the AMA Rule Book Chapter 5-Equipment Limits. And the Ruling is 250cc max on the 125 class. And the Ruling is 550cc on the 250 class. There is no changes that are official yet. I think that they stated that they were thinking about the 450 ruling but not voted on yet. It has to be approved by all the manufacturers before it can take affect.

I have to agree with you there Boit that they need to make another class for the Four Stroke to add more racing value to the venue. I would love to see more than a huge weekend(4-Stroke National) for the thumpers. It would be sweet to hear nothing but thumpers all day. I mean this weekend at the track there was five of us there and it sounded sweet when we all got racing together. LOL


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Guys, I believe there will come a day that we'll only here the thunder of four strokes. Maybe not in the near future, but the feds have already been increasing their disdain for 2-strokes on anything! They've made it clear that they intend to do away with them all together. The AMA should read the writing on the wall and start the class expansion to keep the sport alive. Increasing interest and participation gains leverage in Washington. Maybe bring back the open class!!??? I could go on some more but, you get the point! Just my 2 scents.

Read page 18 in MXA March 01 issue for details. The FIM will enfore this rule change in 2003. It looks like the AMA wants to start it in 2002. Those poor guys with 520SXs. I guess there will be some aftermarket for sleeving those beasts down.

yea thats were i got it from page 18 in MXA march 01 issue. the FIM is accepting those rules in 2003, and the AMA is trying to do it by 2002. but...there is a bit of hope to bring back the open class... that would rule. i hope the open class comes back, because it would be a basicly four stroke dominated. who would seriously race a CR500 or KX500, those things are way out dated. i could see that hapening.


Right now is seems that the 426 is the looser in FIM sanction GP's ,

but you newer know how it will end.


- Moreover, as from 2003, motorcycles with 4-stroke engines will be allowed in the three classes as follows :

- 125cc 2 stroke/175cc to 250cc 4-stroke

- 250cc 2 stroke/350cc to 400cc 4-stroke

- 500cc 2 stroke/450cc to 650cc 4-stroke

A rumuor, due to above yamaha is releasing a YZ 480 to be used in the 500 class.


- 125cc 2 stroke/175cc to 250cc 4-stroke

- 250cc 2 stroke/350cc to 400cc 4-stroke

- 500cc 2 stroke/450cc to 650cc 4-stroke

actually its

-250cc 2 stroke/350-450cc four stroke

so those of yall with 426's are ok, but how many of us really race AMA sanctioned events, who would want to? i hear they are real anas's. i dont have beef with them, but i heard everyone else does...they do dumb stuff. anyway keep postin stuff about what yall think.


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