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08 200xc

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I am needing to bebuild my 08 200xc and would like to do it myself but have never done it before. Could anyone give me step by step instructions or post a link telling how? Im not totally clueless on how to do it, i have done pretty much everything else there is to do on a bike i just havent tore into one that far and dont want to get in there and be stuck.🙂

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I have a pictorial on the PV, which you will have to know about. Other than that, I also have a pictorial on my rebuild. The PV thread is in the FAQ sticky.

The topend is pretty simple, make sure the rings are on right, the piston is facing the right direction, set X to 0, make sure the PV is cleaned, installed correctly, and working, wrist pin circlips are in right, not too much play in the crank/connecting rod, torque everything....

having the head cut is something I wish I had done when I did the topend, it would have saved me from having to drain it and pull it apart again.

www.cycleplayground.com is very reasonable. He comes highly recommended from many on ktmtalk. He has my head now.

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It really is very easy. There are no cams or timing chains to screw up.

I spent more time draining coolant and scrubbing parts clean than actually assembling the parts.

Just make sure you assemble the power valve correctly. The engine manual cookbooks you through it.

The X dimension as mentioned by GMOSS is set with gasket height. The .4mm seems to work on average. P/N 50330035040

Here are a few pictures of what you’ll find when it's apart.








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what do you use to torque with because i know you cant get a socket on all of them?

basically, an engineer friend of mine said that all the torque I could muster with my 12mm wrench was good, without being extreme. Some use a crows foot. I just tighten the snot out of the cylinder bolts with my wrench, has worked so far.

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