I dont think oil should be coming from there!!!??

Hi, was wondering if anybody could offer an answer to my query! I own an 04 wr450f and recently went to check the valve clearances to find, when i removed the straight plug (the larger one at the bottom) to align the piston to top dead centre that engine oil was coming out. The space behind the plug was not full of oil, it only started to come out when the plug was removed. Is this normal, or is there an oil seal or something behind the casing that has gone?? Any advice would be greatly appreciated!! cheers.

I seem to remember this happening to me with the bike on the sidestand, i usually prop it up as verticle as possible when working on it. Oil is mostly carried in the frame, but drains down when setting. I think you're OK.

cool, thanks a lot!!

I've removed that plug many, many times to check my valves and never once did oil come dripping out of it. That doesn't seem right.

there's no doubt that there's oil there because the stator and the timing chain both get lubricated by oil. BUt I've never seen it run out.

Do you have too much oil? Are you are the side stand or do you have the bike level?

The reason it ran out is that the bike was sitting too long since last run. The bike is a dry sump oiling system which normally stores its oil in the tank section of the frame (or the front area of the crankcases in '07 and later WR's). It has two oil pumps, one which pumps oil from the tank to lube the important parts under pressure, and the other to suck the sump dry and return it to the tank. When the bike sits, oil slowly drains back to the crankcases. After 4-7 days, the tank is empty and the sump is full.

If the bike had been run a day or less prior to working on it, you would not have seen the oil run out.

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