Lookin 4 stock muffler

Hey Guys,

I'm looking for a stock muffler for a 650R that still has the spark arrestor. Does anyone have one that they would be willing to sell.

Later, DrDirt


How much are you willing to pay. I am in Mexico, so it is kind of a pain to ship stuff.

Let me know.

Howdy! I got the stock pipe and muffler. When I bought my bike it was given to me with the other stock parts and hasn't been used as long as I have had it (Jan 2001). BUT there is a two part catch. 1)I am out of the country and its in a box in my folks lake house garage (where I used to ride) but I know they'd be glad to get it out of their way. 2) Since I haven't used it I am just assuming it still has that spark arrestor installed. I can check for you and let you know but they won't be back at the lake untill July 4th weekend. So let me know if you are intrested before then and I can get someone to pick it up and see about shipping it to you.


I have one for sale, silencer and spark arrestor all stock!!! i'll take $45 plus shipping if you are interested

Will your muffler work on a 650 dr?, if so I will buy it!!!

I live in Reno NV.

775-691-3363 cell

775-853-3363 home

775-850-7007 office

Ask for John

I`m looking for a stock dr 650 muffler with arrester

I`m looking for a stock dr 650 muffler with arrester

Wrong forum.

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