2010 clutch problem

i went rideing yesterday and every thing was all good went up this trail and it was steep so i get to the top and turn the bike off to let it cool down and me cool down aswell. so after ten minets i start to go again to find out i have no gears

i can feel the gears pop inn place when i shift but no go when i hit the gas

so lodgic would tell me that its the clutch i pulld it apart today and took a look at the plates and disks they look fine

so my question is this how can i tell if i glazed the clutch i always thought it would be shiney or smooth but they seem fine

next question is would the heat that built up in the cluch screw with the cable adjustment could it be i just need to readjust my cable seems unlikely

How much free play do you have in the cable?

well i took every thing apart but befor it was aboout a 1/4 of the clutch pull was free play

Doesn't add up. I'm afraid you're just going to have to dig into it.

well i started to dig in there and found that both the clutch disks and friction plates wer black im gonna go with the idea that there burnt and need new ones is this sound right to any one out there

also should i go with yamaha parts or is it worth spending the extra bling on someting els?

You didn't have any slipping or early warning? I can't imagine disks to just fail all of the sudden. But anything is possible. How many hours on this thing?

like 20 hrs top

i went to the yamaha shop they wer stumpd

they said clutchs just dont die like that and usualy get hard mine didnt:s

the only thing they said was how often my oils changed wich im pretty strict about that usualy every 3 rides or 7 hrs

wow very strange. This really intrests/scares me. Hope you get her fixed. Almost sounds like a broken shaft of something but hopefully not.

Maybe a riding technique problem. You rarely need to slip the clutch on a 450.

yea i was thinking the same thing the trail was verry steep loose with lots of switch backs i was useing the clutch alot i was even thinking that wen i was rideing just had a horrible never ending line rideing style had alot to do with it

i had the same thing happen on my 08 yz450

turned out to be burnt clutch plates,

my clutch plates were also black iinstead of the natural cork colour when i took them out,

let us know how you go

if your thinking of replacing the clutch plates yourself i used a barnett clutch kit from BTO sports... this might also help http://www.racerxonline.com/article/locomx-tech-tip-8-clutch-replacement.aspx

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yea it was burnt plates took it back to my yamaha shop and they hookd me up with some new ones dirt cheep

they said thats the first time they have seen that on a 2010

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