Cycra Pro-Bend Triple Clamp mounts.......

Anyone using these handguards have some insight into brackets for the headlight assembly? My Answer top clamp has front mount pinch bolts so the stock mount brackets are useless and the pinch bolts are recessed into the clamp brackets(allen head). Thinking that TIG'n some brakets onto the side of the clamp brackets is the best alternative but somebody out there has to have run into this problem. Also, ditching the headlight assy. is NOT an option, since it's a dually(although with this much hassle, it did cross my mind :))

I regret using the t-clamp mounts on my cycra hand gaurds.

The vibration transmited to the handlebars is no longer allowed to dampen out via the handlebar since it is triangulated to the t-clamp making it rigid

I will be going back to the bar mount inner instead of the tclamp mount ASAP.

The rigidity is what my goal is in this instance since it seems no mfrs. bar clamps can hold tight without spinning out of whack the first time it hits the ground or moving tree. This problem increases since I'm using them on tapered bars. Somebody out there has got to have run into the headlight mount problem besides just me? Lemme in on the secret? :)

I am using Cycra Guards w/ Moose Fat Bars and the

cycra Triple Clamp Mounts. (wr450f)

I originally mounted them to the STOCK triple clamp which is a side bolt setup. This worked fine

I now have the RTT stabilizer Top triple clamp which has

a custom 45 deg angle bolt setup but still has holes

for the WRF headlight which I use for the cycra mounts also.

All I needed to mount the Cycra's to either triple clamp was longer bolts which I bought at Pep boys

I have slightly bent the cycra tclamp mounts from falls, just heated/hammered em back in shape. I called cycra and they said

this should be ok just watch for cracks. I will keep doing this until they fail

Thanks for the info Ralph....just wondering if the pinch bolts are recessed into the T-clamp mount on yours? My front mount ones are so using the stock brackets is not an option. I already welded some aluminum stock to mine and am going to do some drill&tap work after I do some final fitment beautification. :)

Check out they have a new handguard ,stabilizer,mount that addreses that issue.It's called the F.I.T. system .Mine showed up yesterday but was the wrong one.Still worth checking out . :)

Thanks drz.......the pimp bike looks pretty damn pimpin'. Why don't you want it anymore?

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