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$20 part to get free shipping

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So I just placed an order to the tt store for 14-44 sprockets, chain, and bolts. It came to $130 before shipping. If you were going to add a $20 part (to get the order up to free shipping) what would you add if this was your deezer?

Here's what I have on my bike already:

2005 SM 11.7K miles


zeta bars

cycra probends

case savers



and a rear rack (by forum poster hammonk)

contiforce sm out front and maxxis goldspeed presa out back

Front and rear springs for my weight

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Why not just order form a local shop?

On several occasions I have ordered form the TT store only to find out it saved me less than $10 (usually less than $5) and the parts took 16 days, the shop would have had them for my in 2.

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My local shop sells the items I purchased much closer to retail price and they're not even a dealer. Heck, they charge $40 to change a tire. I usually like to spend my money locally but when the gap is so far TT gets my dollars.

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