Is the WR450 like the WR426 YZ easily timeable or not?

I have a 2001 WR426 that I YZ-timed, loved the bike in that timing. I consider exchanging it for a newer 450 one (2004) by the way when will the 2004 bike be available in the stores?

I rode last week a stock WR450F 2003 of a friend of mine and the bike is far less responsive and powerful than mine. 85% of the power mine has I would say. I don't know if that's because its stock (grey wire in place WR timed and just had an opened muffler) or not. Anyway, cutting the wire and putting a WB pipe will help, yet my question is can the 450 be as easily set to YZ power as the 426? (just chaninging exhaust timing one dent and adjust jetting?). I am afraid I won't get a new WR450 as nice as mine WR426-yz timed, or is this nonsense? I read somewhere that the 450s YZ has actually a different command-rod (what's the appropriate name for the rod that pushes the valves again?). If I want at least the same power character as my 426 has now, do I need to change the expensive command rod? :)

Please help.

it is a different animal as far as the timing is concerned. You can make all the free mods, and it does make the bike a diffrernt beast, but in order to maintain the decompression feature, you have to switch the wr cam with a yz cam. The bumping the tooth up trick on a 450 disables the decompression feature. I know alot of people who have made the swap, and they say it is unbelievable difference. I myself, like the wr torquiness in the low end. :):D

you bought the yz exaust cam and bumped the intake one tooth???

I am with Machster. I prefer the WR cam after buying the YZ cam and running it for a month. I went back to get the bottom end for steep climbing and rutted mud riding. :)

im going of the hard hitting top for SM racing and stunt riding. when i swithch to the dirt wheels for long enduro rides i will put the wr cam back in.

this bike has so much power every where. and we get to choose where we put it. :):D :D

"by the way when will the 2004 bike be available in the stores?"

early to mid september in canada.

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