08 yz450f full drd exhaust system need to rejet?

I just put on a full drd stainless exhaust on my 08 yz450 and was wondering if anyone else had to rejet...Mine seems to need a richer pilot and i assume a richer main as well...Also mine is shooting some flames out did anyone else experience this as well? Mine does it even with the spark arrestor in...The drd system said nothing about having to rejet but i'd imagine it would require a rejet after ditching that restrictive stock muffler......

I have an 09 with a megabomb + 4.1 system and I went with a 165 main, 4th clip on the needle and 2 1/4 turns out on the fuel screw with my fmf full system. Runs great!

I have the full Ti DRD on my 08 450f, i called them and for my elevation 2600ft, they suggested a 165 main, and move the needle up one from stock. runs great, a little turn now and then on fuel screw, but thats it, when i had new top end put in at 85hrs, shop said it is running a hair rich, but not enough to mess with.

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