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KLX300r weird

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Just got an 05 KLX300r. It was running good. Then just before i went on a trip i took the but plug and the air box cover off. It was running a little ruff but not to bad so i went on the trip anyways ran ok until i got to high elevation arounrd 7000ft to 8500ft. Then started running really ruff, falls on its face when i juice it, hesitates, back fires every onces in a while. I figured it was just jetting. Drove it back to town around 2700ft. Next week took it for a quick ride around my naborhood still running rough same stuff going on??? So i put the air box cover back on and the butt plug back in took it for a short ride still ran rough. I noticed a black soot build up on the rear fender?? Any ideas? I was gonna just rejet it but the stock jet is 128 that should be ok at 2700ft. Im lost don't know were i should start. Any help would be much apreciated Thanks

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