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What tires for pavement AND gravel?

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Currently I run Pirelli Diablo Supercorsa's on my DRZ400SM. 120/160 – they are cheap SV650 race take-offs.

I love them, great feel and slides very predictably.

I have taken them on fire roads (gravel), and understandable they do not do well at all. Besides the rocks seem to chip the tire and the last thing I need is a flat out of nowhere.

I am thinking about those Distanzias, but I do not want to give up my performance on the pavement.

My question – does the Distanzias do well on pavement? Can you really push it?

Also what size do you recommend, 160 or the 150?

I will be doing both fire roads and pavement, and want something that will do well in both. Suggestions?


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Depending on how hard you push it on the slab you might look at the IRC GP-110's http://www.motorcycle-superstore.com/2/29/393/14987/ITEM/IRC-GP-110-Dual-Sport-Rear-Tire.aspx?SiteID=CSE_Gbase_14987&WT.mc_ID=80003&zmam=88421133&zmas=1&zmac=45&zmap=14987

I have a buddy that had 2 rears on his SM (17"s) and he was able to push them pretty hard and they were pretty damn decent on the gravel.

I think he got about 4K out of the rear also.

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