426 rim swap question

I need to move my 19 in rear rim to the front of my 426.Can i lace it to my front hub and if so,anybody happen to what size spokes to get.Thanks

Building a flat tracker?

A custom wheel shop like RTR Precision Wheel Lacing can help you with the spokes, or you can stumble through the attached file.

Things to think about are whether the width will be correct for the tire you'll use (narrower 19's are available; the 125/250F used a 1.85), and whether the drilling angles of the nipple holes in the rim are close enough to be used.

Here's the formula for spoke length:


I allready put one together,the only race close though was a tt.Went their and tried it .I put a 19in 650 special rim on it,no brake set up.I come to the conclusion i need one for tt.I stayed pretty close but hard to get her slowed for the hairpins. Thanks for the reply

Whenever I saw a guy in front of me at a TT with no front brake, I knew just how to pass him. :smirk:

just a follow up.The rear 19in rim will lace up to the front hub,using the rear spokes.You need to drill the front hub to rear spoke size,life is good

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