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What to Look for

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I am going to look at a 2005 Rm 250 this week.

What are some things to look at on a 2 stroke.

He claims it has new top end and im wanting to know some signs or anything special to look at. He mixes his gas 50 : 1.

Also how can I make sure it is a 05 ?

I know the obvious of looking at spokes, sprockets ,footpeg looseness, air filter, oil leaking out of pipe at the cylinder

anything else?

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Vin # will give the year. 10th digit should be a "5"

You have the basics covered. look for worn parts and surface areas in general as well.

I never believe the fresh topend rebuild BS. Rule of thumb for a "new to you" race bike is to rebuild the topend. You get to see what you have then and its money well spent!

Don't know why he is mixing his gas at 50:1 unless he is just poking around on trails. ratio is 30:1 for that bike.

Good luck

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