I'll buy your stock year 2000 handle bars!

Give me a price for your stocker non-bent handle bars! For a WR 400, 2000. Thanks, Joe email: joecallan@hotmail.com

Joe, I think you would have an easier time finding a sasquatch. The stock bars are junk. I think I bent mine just by looking at them (It couldn't have been the multiple crashes..... :) )


Dude, you can have mine for free. They have exactly zero miles on them. Even includes the stock grip on the left side. Seriously, FREE. They are in my way in the garage and I was planning on tossing them out.


I'll see your zero miles + left grip and I'll raise you the right stock grips as well! HA!

I think there will be a lot of people willing to give it away if you are anywhere near them. Where do you live?

Oops, I'm stupid... checked your profile. SLO California... so I'm sure your better off finding some closer than Colorado.

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Too late, mine went in the dumpster 2 weeks ago after hanging on my garage wall for almost 3 years.

Want a pretzel?

When I bought my bike they were already bent. A few months later, I laid it over on the street bending the other side and they were symmetrical again. I crashed and bent them twice after that... more on one side. Then the other day I crashed hard and my hand guard did some serious plow action. Now both sides match but my wrist are hurting from the angle.

So my stock bars have bent 5 times. I'm afraid that if I buy expensive bars I'm going to tweak them some more.

I'm over 40,000 dollars in debt from college and I'm still going! . Barely making it. What the hell what's another 90 bucks isn't my attitude! I have to eat and my rent is $600/month for one small as room.

so how much will someone ship some handlebars this way to:

3130 Lirio Ct.

San Luis Obispo, Ca 93401

Everyone send your stock insta pretzels to Joe that way every time he crashes he can spend an hour changing his bars. I am sure some of us even have the box our protapers came in for shipping. Look out Joe here they come. Calling anyone with a late model Yamaha they are all the same bend, until you twist the throttle hard trying to pass your buddy on his KTM 520 and they rotate with the throttle. Maybe you can sell them as scrap iron when you are done to help with the starving student syndrome. Joe will be the one towing a shopping cart full of mild steel pretzels on a $10,000 WR through downtown SLO on his way to the salvage yard.

It can't be more than 5 bucks to mail them to a worthy cause.

Barkbusters or other aluminum handguards help prevent bent bars and broken levers. Plastic handguards protect the hands but don't hold up under repeated thrashings. :)

You can have mine for the shipping price. mike

Why do you want to torture yourself? Get a good set of bars and be happy! :)

okay.. okay... i'll buy some good bars.. but if they bend i'm never listening to any of you punks that told me to get them again and will warn everyone on this sight that your sack of lieing :D ... if I find them as good value I'll keep it cool :D

just joking guys, don't get too worked up like Bruce in Phoenix, it may be bad for your health :)


Trust me, you won't be sorry.



I'm in SLO for the Penguins DS & I have a set of brand new '99 bars - unfortunately, they're in Santa Rosa :)

If I'd only gone to work yesterday to check TT....


Hey who's worked up. My bars are boxed and ready to go Mon. My gain is your loss. :)

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