clutch and whoops

I am new to my thumper, always been a two stroke guy. I have read not to use ride the clutch in the turns. I am trying, but still not as fast with just the throttle. But my question is, what do you guys do for whoops you have to time. I can't imagine having enough throttle control that I can get the power to the ground that precise. Do you guys still use the clutch when you are have to double/triple super cross type whoops?

The only way to get better is trial and error...but there is only 3 ways to go through to whoops...1.)Roll slowly over each one 2.)Pin it all the way through (like on a 2 stroke) with your weight back on the bike 3.) Make doubles, triples, quads, etc

Basically do the same that you would on a 2 smoke and you'll be ok at least through the whoops! But for turns thats a whole other story all i can say is keep the motor running dont chop the throttle and dont clutch it. You want to go around berms about 500 rpm or so above idle so that when you wack the throttle like a CR250 it doesnt cough it HAULS and ROOSTS! Just go out and have fun on your 4 stroke it takes time to get used to but once you do...2 strokes beware cause roost will be a flyin'



I get my kicks on a 2001' YZ426!

Friendswood, TX

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