Lighting Coil Problem

I have an 01 426 that has had the ground floated on the lighting coil. I tested the coil for resistance and I believe test within spec at .30 ohms, however, it is not producing any voltage. If the lighting coil passes the ohms test what else could be causing the problem?

Did you also check for continuity to ground? (Should be open/infinite)

Did you check for AC volts? It will be AC.

Did you also check for continuity to ground? (Should be open/infinite)

That's my bet, too...

I have two wires coming off the lighting coil that run into 2 yellow wires. should one be grounded after the refractor?

Confirm the wires coming off of the stator, neither one has continuity to ground.

I ran a continuity test this morning and confirmed that neither wire has continuity to ground and that the wires do have continuity to each other.

IF so, you should have voltage at the stator. The only other possibility based on your test results is a bad flywheel and unless you wailed on it with a hammer, I have never seen them loose magnetisim for any other reason.

In answer to your question about the regulator, it depends on the wiring of your bike. If you run a regulator/rectifier, outputting DC, most of the time, the black is grounded to the frame and then a wiring harness ground is attached at the same point, feeding all the draw. On some AC only bikes, the frame is not 'grounded (really, there is no ground in an AC system) and there are just wires. So it all depends who wired it, how savy they are.

If you do have voltage at the stator, to properly do an output test of the regulator/rectifier, you need the full load on it or a battery (if DC). If you put a meter on the disconnected output of the Reg/Rect, you will not get valid numbers.

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