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Riding near Leavenworth?

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5 mile road is very overgrown in places. Wouldn't want to take a nice vehicle here. Haven't been on Ruby Creek road for a while. The 250 road is not easily passible with a vehicle other than m/c or atv as it is very overgrown where it meets up with 1204 trail.

That map is very generalized, skewed and doesn't really give you more than an overview look .....

These maps are better but still have "selective" information provided....you want the "east side" group to cover Tronsen Ridge Trail 1204


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Thanks Enduroguy,

Curious what the riding is like and which of either Ruby Creek or 5 miles is a better staging area. Any ideas, pics would be appreciated.


Some Devils Gulch pics staging from 5 mile are here:




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When I,ve ridden there we stayed at the thousand trails and rode up the road to trailhead at 1548. most of what we rode is not what was in that pic. typical trail stuff, always fun. wish I had some pics.

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