lowering triples on the forks question

howdy. the bike is an 04 yz450 and i am struggling with tucking.

i have raised my forks through the triple clamp but have a question regarding the 'thick' area of the legs onto which the upper triple clamp clamps.

looking at the legs, it appears there are three adjustment rings but after 1.5 rings, the upper clamp no longer is on the 'thick' part of the tube. if i go any lower, the clamp will hang over the tapered section. the lower clamp has plenty of room to adjust.

normally, this would not confuse me much but the combination of the measurement lines as well as plenty of room on the lower clamp/ clamp area on the fork appear to be more than sufficient for a further drop of the yokes.

has anybody seen this? can the upper clamp 'hang off' the thicker section of the fork without risking the leg?

thanks much,


Yes, you can lower the clamp (raise the fork is how it's usually spoken of) farther, but if the bike is tucking under rather than pushing, that's probably not going to cure the problem.

thanks for the response.

forgive the ignorance by i am a recently converted street guy and dirt suspension still confuses me, mostly because i have very little idea what is going on down there with the tire. (i backed my rebound almost all the way out at first because that is how i like my street suspension--boy was that a surprise in the pants)

my problem is both going in and coming out of corners. it pushes like crazy going in, has a hard time getting settled and tries to tuck as soon as i get to the gas.

i am a rather big guy (6'3, 220lbs + gear) and have been working hard on body position. I have set up my sag as close as possible with the stock springs and clearly need a heavier spring. I am considering increasing rear preload to try and get a bit more weight on the front but am really unsure of what direction to go.

tires are 756s and pretty fresh, i run pressures in the 12-14lb range and check my stuff EVERY ride. forks are fresh, alignment is good, bike is super maintained, no loose bolts ect. one caveat, i my steering bearing was bad and i just replaced it, first ride on it tomorrow. No doubt the notchy steering bearing would hamper feel but it sure seems more than just a bearing. the suggestion from the shop was to try raising the forks, thus the original question.

just so you know I am not a dolt, this is a writeup i did several years ago for street bikes. http://www.gixxer.com/forums/showthread.php?t=155977&highlight=suspension

Quite a bit of your problems are apt to be related to the bike being under sprung.

Raising the forks and/or decreasing the sag will steepen the head angle, and that will work against understeer (push). Oversteer (the back end sliding outward) and tucking or knifing are two different things, and a bike that tucks can either over or under steer along with or as a reaction to it. Tucking generally occurs because there is too little trail in the leaned over, turning position. The effective trail under these conditions can actually turn negative and pull the front wheel inward. Pulling the forks up reduces the base trail measurement and contributes to this.

YZ450's want you forward on the bike in a corner. Way forward. They also like the gas on hard on exit, and lots of rear brake on entry. As big as you are, one of the best things you can do is get your bars as far forward as practical, and use a bend like the Windham that positions the hands forward.

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