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Round #2 @ PGP 7-18-2010

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Who's in for round #2 ????

If I'm not in a ton of pain I'm there ...

Come on guys... don't let this old woman out do ya haha


For those of you who have not been to PGP or know what PGP is .....

PGP is short for Pacific Grand Prix .....it's a state of the art Kart track in Kent WA and is so fast and smoooooooth.... it's technical as well as fast.....the front straight I believe is 800 ft long and the track is 30ft wide all the way around...has flat corners, of camber corners and banked corners....yes...a lot of variety on a lap around PGP...the dirt section is Technical but not the type that will KILL you...

The owners of the track are great people and Paul is a avid Sumo enthusiast and rips too.

So come on out and have some fun.......it's sooooOOOooo worth it......

Also.....Spectaing is always fee....... and a pitt pass is only $10.00 to walk and watch from the pits

Hope to see some of you out there

here's a link to the track


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