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How about this shock shim stack?

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I found this on the TT forums:

For a 2005 kdx (mine is a 2004)


12mm shims












4.5x41 plate


This would be a two stage stack, correct?

I have too much high speed damping and I still have deflection and harshness with the clickers all the way out. Correct me if I'm wrong, but I believe the tapered stack at the bottom is the HSC, so I would remove a few of those to get some plushness, right? Can anyone give me a suggestion before I just guess and take some out myself? I've never done this before! I am a 180lb C class harescramble rider, racing in the northeast on gnarly roots, rocks, and other annoying crap.

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i think you wrote the stack down wrong check it again

I copy/pasted from this thread:


I have not yet taken it apart to measure it myself. I want to have a clue as to what I'm doing when I do.

EDIT: You are right, one of the posts was formatted wrong and I copied it over. I corrected the original post.

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