Supercorss Nationals this weekend.

This weekend a freind and I are paying money to watch...... Someone else ride!


Anyways, it's the Nationals down in Budds Creek MD. Ricky, Reed, and the other guys that aren't hurt yet will all be there. Iv'e never been before so I'm hoping my kid will love it and ask his dad for a motorcycle or something. Up until now he's not even the slightest bit interested. He's to busy playing PS2 and Game Boy Advanced to even go out side. :)

All and all the event should be a fun family outing. One things for sure, it's going pump me up and make me want to get out there and ride.

Hey jstevens

The Budds Creek national is an awesome event. The speed the pros carry around that track is gonna blow your mind.

I have attended the natoinal mx several times and raced a few hare scrambles there. It is a top notch facility. Have fun.

The GNCC crew is just south of Richmond this weekend too.

That is another extremely good show and a lot less expensive to watch. :)

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