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DR350S Electrical Part Duex

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I am having some erratic weak spark issues. I can put my finger on the end of the spark plug and kick it and may feel it one time, but the next time I get nothing..

Things I have check/changed so far...

1) CDI- I sent the CDI to a helpful friend to try on bike (fired right up Thanks Madhu)

2) Tried 4 Different Coils | 3 different caps - no difference

3) Bypassed Key Switch (Hooked Gray to Brown, Hooked Red to Orange) - no difference

4) Unhooked Kill Switch - same response

5) Disconnected every no essential plug - same resp

6) Ohm Stator - Ohms out perfectly (pickup - 220, primary 319)

7) Changed the Pickup - no change

8) Bypassed Kick Stand Switch (Grounded)

9) Bypassed Nuetral (Grounded)

So I am at a loss, I checked grounds, changed plugs...

The only weird thing I can't get passed is in the wiring schematic

its showing three wires going into the coil.

(BW - Ground)

(W/BL - Power)

and a (B/BL) I do not have this wire..HELP!!!­čśĆ

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have you checked to make sure the cdi power coil is actually outputing voltage? I think its supposed to be ~100 VAC out put. At kicking speeds its going to be just a spike on an analog meter.

you would check this by testing the white and brown bullet connector wires from the stator wiring plugs.

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