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WR 500 Yamaha Head Mod ? 90's 2-Strokes ! !

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Hello Guy's,

Who's the Man for the Yamaha WR 500 , 2 Stroke , Head mod's ?

I've read about mod's for the Big Bore Yamaha's, But No Details ? ?

Can anyone Share the Tip's, Any history ? Was there a Dirt Bike Mag story on this bike ?

! 93,WR 500. The Beast ! ­čśĆ

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I think I read and saved every issue of Dirt Bike back then. There were articles, but never any specific "do this" sort of mods.

Race Tech did mods to the 490 back then, so its been a while. I remember several other hop up companies, but most are long gone. I agree with sending it to Eric.

I wish I would have done something to mine back then. Then again, you knew something was wrong based only on what magazines had to say. Thats like it is now. 1st year, bike was wonderful. As the years go on the real flaws surface and they begin to talk about them.

I think this mod was Yamaha's wrench report mod, but I would do what Eric says.


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