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3/4 to Wide Open Sputtering

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I just bought a 2007 DRZ400S. It has stock carb and jets, stock filter, no 3x3 mod, SMOG can removed, stock pipe. I am riding at 80 degrees, 750ft elevation. I get a normal power curve until 3/4 throttle where it sort of bogs and sputters. Can anyone recommend a fix?

PS: I searched but trying to narrow down my problem using the search function was nearly impossible using such common words.

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You need a jet kit. You'll never get crisp throttle response at all RPM with factory jetting. I recommend the James Dean jetting kit, part number JDS005. For easy adjustment I also recommend the Keintech extended fuel screw.

For jetting, I'd go with:

3"x3" mod

155 main jet with stock pipe

25 pilot jet with stock fuel screw (factory 22.5 pilot with Keintech extended fuel screw)

blue needle, clip in 4th slot from top

fuel screw open 2.5-2.75 turns from fully closed

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