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Help me startout with this bike right.

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Okay guys I have never owned a brand new bike. I bought a 2008 WR250.

Help me break it in and set it up right please.

I will be trail riding normally between 2500 feet and 8500 feet. Probably more 5,000-8,500 for the summer and fall. This winter and spring it will be all 2,000-3,000 feet.

We will be riding in the desert and the mountains.

I hear about all this jetting and I'm not sure if stock will be fine or do I need to change it every time we change elevations? Please help me here.

Next I ordered a No-Toil air filter to replace the stock one. (Stock one had just to big or pores in my mind.

I re-adjusted the shift lever. (It was too high and uncomfortable)

I'm gearing it down tonight.

The battery was low so I'm charging it.

When I pull the clutch in is it suppose to wanna ease forward a little or do I need to adjust the clutch further?

I was told I should replace the oil it came with from the factory with a semi-synthetic that I will be running.

I was also told to pull the tires and grease all the bearings and swing arm before I ride it.

Also I was told to check all the bolts and make sure everything is tight.

Oh and top off the anti-freeze.

What should and should I not do before I ride this bike? Literally I drove it into the back of the truck then in the garage so I could start this thing out correctly. Please help me break this bike in correctly.



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There's several differing opinions on how to break one in. One is do it easy, other is ride it hard. On my last rebuild on the YZ250F, I rode it easy for 17 miles, not reving it out or full throttle runs. Drained the oil and replaced with non-detergent 40wt., and then I took it out on another 17 mile run, this time running it harder and reving out more. That was 125 hours ago, and it's just now showing a little wisp of smoke on occasions. The book calls for a new piston every 50 hours on mine, so I got my money's worth. Somewhere on here is a thread telling of this proceedure.

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Ride your bike. Get used to it. Do not obsess. I would do little until you have 40 or 50 hours on it. Being you are slightly new to the sport and now have a race bike, take it slow. Read your owners manual cover to cover. Eight or nine times. You do not have to strip it down immediately. Take your time.

As far as jetting goes, after you have ridden your bike, tell us what about the way it performs that you do not like. Then we will supply suggestions to try to resolve those issues.

When then grey wire is done, you do not have to modify the jetting. Same goers with the throttle stop.

You can do the three things you mentioned seperately, they do not affect one another.

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what about it wanting to ease forward while in gear with the clutch in? I have an '05 Wr250f that does it but i was told it was just from the clutch plate sticking a little and with new oil it won't do it as much.

Awesome bike tho!

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Well guys here is my update. Since I put a smaller sprocket on my 01 I put it on my 08. Went out for our first ride and my wife loved it.....the fact her 230 could out run me. (Man I miss 6th gear) The ride went good except the part where I put it down in some moon dust that was a good foot deep and scratched my fender. When we returned home I switched back to my stock gearing. Everything is going good except one thing I'm not sure about is it seems like it shifts hard. Almost like the clutch isn't releasing completely. But when you pull the clutch in the bike is free.. Maybe its just new???

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Shift action is fairly deliberate. Not silky smooth. Normal.

As long as there is about a nickels thickness of freeplay between the lever and the perch, the clutch is set right. I think you may notice as a days' ride progresses, the clutch will need an adjustment, then the following day, you'll have to re-adjust it back. This is due to the heat swelling the clutch pack. If it becomes an issue, a Magura Clutch Jack can resolve it.

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