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CR250 shock swap, what years will fit?

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I have a few friends with CR250's. A 98, 99, 02, and 03. I would like to learn to revalve suspension and if they let me I would like to start learning on them. I have the Race Tech book and I'm reviewing Doggers thread.

I have a lead on a 2001 CR250 shock that I could redo and then just swap with theirs to minimize down time, would that shock fit all of those years? Or at least a few of them?


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I put a shock from a 2006 CRF 450 onto a 1997 CR250 and a 2000 CR250. I had to change the clevis each time to make it work. Measure the total shock length, shaft length and the body. It won't be a simple swap from one bike to another unless they have the same type of frame. For example a 1997 to 1999 CR250. You could also buy a used shock on Ebay. They usually arent that expensive. Then you can try two different setups on the same day.

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cr shock lengths

2001-02 Cr125 2003-4 Cr125 2005-2007 Cr125

486 length stroke 138.6mm 489/135 498/133

1997 cr 250 2001-2004 cr 250 2005-2008 cr 250

472/134 488 /134.5 498/133

2004 crf 250 2005 crf 250 2008 crf250

489/135 498/133 498/134

2002-2004 cr 450f 2005-07 CRF450 2008 crf 450

483.5/133 489/135 498/135.5

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I have numerous showa shocks and parts from Honda’s and kawi’s from the 2000’s.  I would guess I would have everything you would need. I’ll have to do some measuring and let you know 

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1 hour ago, Brit Yett said:

Could it be done though?

It's never could it be done, with a welder and metal anything is possible pretty much. Will it bolt in, maybe, if it doesn't over extend the linkage without shortening. From that chart if you put a 5-6mm internal spacer in you'll get the length/travel within a couple of mm, then you've just got to look at the other things, like reservoir angle/size/placement, lower clevis and upper mount. It really comes down to how determined you are.

What is wrong with the '89 shock?

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