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Athena 290 kit. Quick Review.

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Just wanted to post my initial reactions to the kit. I know that there are a couple other threads, but I wanted to start one of my own so that it would get some attention.

1.) The kit is too expensive. My dealer gave me a good price on the kit, and I got the bike for $4800 brand new off the showroom floor of the same dealer.

2.) The install is not as "easy" as one might believe, fortunately my dealer cut me a great deal on the install.

3.) The kit was worth every penny, FOR ME, because of how much I saved on the initial purchase of the bike. Had I paid list or anywhere near list for the bike I WOULD NOT have gotten the kit. If you harbor any trepidation about the price you paid for the bike, the kit is probably not worth it, you would have been better off getting a Husky, or a Zook.

Here is a quick rundown of my bike.

2008 WR250X w/ 1200 miles.

-FMF powerbomb and Q4 silencer

-Airbox mods, with 1" holes drilled in side door.

-AIS removed

-Power Commander

-14/48 gearing (~11% lower than stock)

I have ridden it very little with the kit (mileage), but pretty extensively. I am experiencing the same lean condition down low that everyone else has talked about who didn't install the cheap Athena fuel controller. I will be massaging my map when I have the time, and access to a non-Mac laptop.

The ride home from the dealer I took it very easy (~20 miles), but it was clear that the bike had MUCH better bottom end, and MUCH better midrange. I still have the spark arrestor in my silencer, so I think that may inhibit me a bit on top, but the bike pulls just like it did before on top.

Now, the majority of my time on the bike was spent in my long driveway, because I quickly realized that the bike now wheelies quite easily. Thats right, a WR250X wheelies!!! I can get it right up in first and second with a crack of the throttle, and in third with a little tug. As a 250, the bike REFUSED to wheelie without a little help from the clutch outside of first gear.

It may seem childish, but the ability to wheelie the bike makes a big difference to me, especially when you consider the intent of the bike.


For me, the mod was worth every penny. The bike now feels just as strong as a 250f and wheelies effortlessly. If you paid list, or anywhere near list for the bike, it is up to you whether or not you wanna be into a 250 street bike for nearly $8000.00.... ­čśĆ

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where are you starting your wheelies? 8K,, 5K? I realize you don't have a tach but in your opinion. . you haven't dragged a 250f have you? man if that thing ran like a 250f I'd be more interested in the 290. Does anybody know what the athena kit piston clearance is? the stock is like 1.5 thousandths which makes me believe it will last real well. I'm nervous about the longevity of the athena.. Thanks for your info!

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On the issue of longevity:

I suspect that the engine will hold up very well. The kit is endorsed by Yamaha, and we have seen, thanks to MPFab, that the crank is very strong.


Not much more than stock. Still very easy to ride on the freeway at 80+ for some duration.


In first gear it will wheelie pretty much off idle. As far as in second and third, I use the rev-chop-rev method to do stand up wheelies. I'd say 5-6-7k rpms. The bike has every bit of the power of a 250f, it is just a bunch heavier.

My motocross bike is a 250 two stroke, and my friends ride 450's, so I have no 250f to run against. I have ridden a couple 250f's though, and will say that this bike does feel about as powerful. It has much more to it than my 125.

The best thing about the bike is that you don't have to be spinning over 8k to feel like you have power on tap. You can pull away from a stop sign and short shift the thing and still get to 60 with some authority.

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