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which bike for me?

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I am looking for a new bike. I have mainly ridden bmw gs bikes and most of my offroad exp. is fire roads. When i was younger (20y ago) I had a 2t 125 and rode trails and camped but that is about it. My kids are now starting to ride atv and bikes and I want to get a bike to ride around the farm with them and eventually go to trails with them. I would also like to go myself and do some offroading/enduro riding (stuff i always wanted to do with my bigger dual sports but never could due to size). I keep thinking I want a small dual sport so if I need to hop on a road between trails i could. I will probably buy new. I dont want to give up much to get a street legal bike though. I really like the idea of the off road 450 4 strokes but have not ridden any yet. I like the idea of the wr250r as well but am worried about not enough power ( i am 200lbs.) Is the suspension of the wr ok for trail riding or even enduros if I start doin them. I know right now I probably couldnt tell much difference in suspension, but I hate not buying right the first time. I will probably have this bike for a while and if my kids get into this like I think they will I could be doing a lot of trail riding in the future. I would like to stick to mainly yamaha, kawasaki. I could go ktm if they havea a bike that would fit better, but the closest dealer is not close.

thanks for any advice I know this is kind of a rambling post.

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