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Help with new XR250

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I just got a 1986 XR250. I previously had an XR200 with 250 suspension. The 250 runs great and feels great.

My question is, since this bike is older and I just go it, what should I do before I start riding?

I will change the oil, air filter, clean and lube chain, and I may need to replace the fork seals and get some boots/mudskins.

What should I look for and what should I do prior to starting my summer trail riding? Thanks!

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Well grease everything, swingarm, steering bearing, axles, shock linkage (some have zerk fittings) if it has drum brakes, i always lube the pivot point in the drum just dont rub it all over your shoes. take the cables off the handle bars and lube them up good with some wd40.

if you know how to check the valve lash that would be good, but you should be able to hear if the valves are out of adjustment.i dunno... make sure the fuel tank is clean and wont get clogged by stuff in the bottom of it. thats all i can add for now.

Good luck and have fun!

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