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So I picked up a Yoshimura RS-2 Comp Series Slip-On, and Installed it and I get lots of bogging so well I need jets, I have not done any free mods yet I will be doing the Throttle stop and Grey Wire, but leaving the air-box stock. What do you guys suggest for Jets.


Also, when I bought the bike I know the dealer did some stuff but I'm not sure what, How do I know if the throttle stop is cut, it will turn just as far as my CRF450R but I have never had a bike that has been corked so I don't know for sure.


If nothing else, get the AIS removal kit and install all of the jets and do free mods. You can leave AIS in place if you really want to. Will be popping on decel.

With that pipe you are gonna be way too lean if you leave it as is.


Alright, Thanks

You're wasting your time with that pipe if you don't open up that air box. It can only flow as much as the most restrictive part allows.

If your throttle turns as much as your CRF the throttle stop has been done.

First check the size of the inlet to the carb at the boot. If it is smaller than the snorkel you need to open the airbox if not no need to open the airbox.

JD Jet kit and make your own AIS block off. Works great for me. Taking it to the dyno to dial it in with the sniffer.

Alright, I'm debating weather or not to take it back to the dealer or ask then what they have already done to it.

See if the dealer did anything. Most likely not.

Get a JD jet kit - Do exactly as the kit instructs. Do not be 'creative'.

Unclip the grey wire.

AIS is not a performance mod, just a weight savings (a few unces) and a decluttering. Removal does reduce decel popping somewhat.

After you have done this srtuff, we can deal with your bog, if it still exists. Being many like a #40 leak jet, you might have one of those on hand while the bowl is off. Also decide if you want to oring the ap linkage or put in a stiffer spring. The oring is easier and cheaper but must be replaced regularly (takes about 2 minutes to do).

Alright thanks I'll pick up the JD jet kit and go from there.


ok so everywhere locally are sold out of the JD Jet Kits, but my Main deal suggests the Dynojet Stage 2 Jet Kit, Would they perform the same as the JD kit.



Order you JD Jet Kit from Jd Jetting. You can find them on the web.:smirk:

Alright Thanks, May as well just do that.

TT store can get you the kit at the lowest price.

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