Handguards revisited

Hi everyone,

I know the topic has been discussed but I would still like to hear from all in the "know" which handguards are the best. What I mean by best are the kind that hold up without bending when you drop your bike. The kind that can stand a good whack into a tree now and then without bending.

Currently I am running Acerbis Rally Pros. I liked the look of them but........ lets just say I wreck too much and bend them frequently as if they were butter. Not that there is anything wrong with that !!!! :D

I am just looking for a, not necessarily better, but different, handguard that can stand abnormal abuse from its master. :D

My requirements are as follows:

Single track, big branch smackin your knuckles, ohhh no! I just low sided my bike on a 30^ rocky :D trail, damn, nope they are not interferring with my levers~~!! type of situations.

Anyone have any suggestions? :) Enduro Engineering? :D

Any others that offer solid protection without slipping on taper bars? Obviously, aluminum types are what I am :D

I bet that Yamakaze guy knows which kind......

Any suggestions appreciated,


I placed an order for a set of Dirt Tricks CF guards a couple weeks back but shortly thereafter I received an email from them lettng me know the guards were unavailable. Something about a manufacturing problem with the urethane. They look like a great part though..

Cycra probends with triple clamp mounts :):D :D :D :D :thumbsup:They look like the fastways but the plastic on the front is slimmer and their blue not black :D.

Smoke :D

the fastways come in 4 colors blue,black,orange,red. I almost got the cycras but wanted to try these.My hands will like any handguard they get beatup :)

I picked up a set of Moose handguards, which are pretty much, the same as the Enduro Engineering. I didn't use the screws that came with them to attach the plastic instead I carefully drilled very small holes in the plastic and used 4 small black zip ties per guard. The plastic is pliable and this worked out great. I didn’t like the idea of drilling holes in the aluminum which has to take the fall.

The moose fit great on my standard Renthal bars. The front brake lever line was a bit of a tight squeeze next to the bracket that mounts to the bar but they are sturdy. The stock clutch lever on a WR450 will clear the guard as long as you move it in a little, works out great if you plan on dual sporting you bike and need some lighting/blinker controls next to your grip anyway.

The Fastways are cool, free up some space but more money that I couldn’t justify. Everything will bend in a hard enough crash! :)

I've got the Enduro Engineering Hardguards. I like them!. They are solid, and have taken some good punishment. I went ahead and drilled the inside of the guards for installing the plastic. I highly recommend them. :)

second that on the Enduro Engineering :thumbsup:Had Acerbis but kept bending them and the hardware would strip easily

I use the Moose Barkbusters also and they have been smacked off trees at speed, flipped down the sides of hills and they still look... er, ok, they still looks ok and are not bent at all. If you get the kind that bolt to your triple clamp, it increases the strength of the bars. Moose makes good stuff!

I have to give the Moose Racing guards the nod also. They aren't as sexy as some on the market but I've given them some solid licks and they are holding up well. They also aren't as pricey as others mentioned.

Enduro eng. makes the gaurds for moose. last i knew , moose doesnt really make anything . i dont know if they still do, but sinisalo of finland, made their clothes for them.

I am using the enduro engerneering handguards with the cycra triple clamp mounts. There are very solid, I had a set of the acerbis rally pros and they would bend relativley easy. I would of bought the cycra handguads with the triple clamp mounts but I already had the enduros so just decide to go with the triple clamp mounts. I dont think I would use anything else but the triple clamp mounts again. :)

Cycra Pro Bend Race Pack, excellent fit and they appear first rate. Oh, yeah, they work! :)

The ones you prefer is my suggestion as there are numerous out there. I choose Acerbi, they save you in a fall or trees but bend your' levers everytime you drop the bike " The Acerbis Lever Mod.. " Good luck in your' choice. Dirtstiffs' Handguards :D:)

Triple Clamp Mounts are, IMO, the best thing that happened to bark busters, although the new Fastway system where the guards mount up to the bar mount looks like it may be an improvement.

If you want TP mounts, you now have four choices:





I just got the Fastway pieces, they have extra gusseting to better resist twisting.

Anyone else have any input?????/


Anyone else have any input?????/


With the drop down type handguards I've never bent or broke a lever. Fastways look nice.

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