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XR250L rear brake expectations?

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I have a 94 XR250L which while hopped up has been poorly maintained.

As an aside it has a 284 BB kit, Keihin pumper carb, xrs only exhaust, and an

Acerbis 5 gallon tank. Not bad for $500.

But... Both brakes were shot. I replaced the rear MC and bled the system

pretty well, and am still getting what I think is a soft brake. I am comparing this

to my street bike experience, especially my current ST1100 which has good,

strong brakes. On the XR I can currently push the brake to the stop and still

roll the rear wheel (with heavy resistance) in neutral. Is this normal? Am I

asking too much of these small brakes or should the rear caliper be able to lock

the rear tire up with a good hard press?


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just picked up my '99 xr 250 and i can lock both tires and impossible to push..

i replaced both rotors and sets of pads with some ebay specials (both were well over 1 mm under the spec limit!). they work pretty well. bled the system as well. your pedal/lever may need to be adjusted as well. i had to take the locknut off of the front lever and put it on the inside so i could get more travel

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i have a 92 XR280L, my brake pads are fine, but I'm sure the rotors are either past the limit or right at the limit and i can lock up my brakes and slide all day long. so either keep bleeding the brakes and if that doesn't help then it must be something like calipers or rotors.

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Thanks guys! I ended up bleeding it some more and adjusted the pedal throw to push on the rear MC longer. Now it is stopping well. Now I just need to get the front brake on, fab up a rear light and get her on the road!

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