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I have a 1998 yz400f and it is mint,and i mean showroom,I dont think it has 50 hrs on it,still all original even the tires,I have a guy that wants to buy it for 1850,I want more of a woods bike,400 stalls to easy,and people have got me paranoid about expensive rebuilds,I dont get a chance to ride alot,so i want a bike with a big grin factor but im an enduro style rider,and the yz is no enduro,but its the nicest 98yz you will ever see,its a blast to ride in the open but does not like slow,I have an opportunity to get a 99 ktm 250exc,its a good looking bike,its 1400 dollars,I THINK IT WILL BE A GOOD BIKE FOR ENDURO,and fast enuf to make me smile.I hate to get rid of my bike cause it looks like a new bike,but its not what I want.I would like to here what others think.

Sounds smart to me. I've been eyeing the KTM smokers too. Currently ride '06 WR450 and sometimes a handful in the tight stuff. Learned off-road riding in northeast Mi. 37 years ago.

I think you should ask the question in the KTM two-stroke forum.

Im from michigan also flag,and I will ask the question in the two stroke ktm forum,I did a bunch of reading there,and I really havent drawn a good idea of what i want,but I am pretty sure a kdx is not gonna excite me,i not positive but from what ive read they are a little tame,I have heard alot of good things about the wr450s though,I just dont see alot of them for sale,The one I did see was 250 miles away and was gone within 4 hrs after it was posted.I went and rode a 2006 ktm sx-f and I was not at all impressed,had a full powerbomb exaust,the guy was selling it for 2k,thats what caught my attention,I almost bought it to resell but did not want the hassle,I am gonna throw some pics of my bike up in another thread and you will see why I am having mixed emotions,cause you dont see a mx bike that is 12 years old and looks like mine very often.

sell the 400. I had a 98 400 and it sucked in the woods always overheated. The ktm will be much better.

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