Steering stabilizer's......whats the best ?

I've been thinking of buying a stabi lizer, top clamp, and pro-tapers. any opinions on who makes the best stabilizer, and why? anybody home ???????

i'm sure someone in here uses one :)

I asked our TT friends the same question recently. Just do a search for "Steering stabilizer question". I'm sure you will have some answers.


I have the GPR :D Love it :D:)

I have a Scotts. Same set-up, top clamp, tapers & Trail Tech in the billet mount. Works great, no problems, would buy another one from them. Like someone said - do a search and get more info than you care to read.

Scotts is best but also the most expensive. All stabilizers seem to work very well. You can save money and be happy with the other brands. Buy the triple clamp and rubber mounted taper bars while you are at it. I have used Scotts for years on my dirt bikes and R1 and have no complaints. :)

And on this week's new steering stabilizer thread..... :D I think this EXACT same question pops up 3 or 4 times a month on this board. round and round we go...... :D :D


Oh ya.... My vote's in for the gpr. They are really nice folks over there. Ask for Randy. He sent me a tripple clamp a month ago to see what position I want the bars mounted in. I still haven't even paid for it. He said that I could pay for it all once they have my damper made. It's taking them a while though. :)


I have heard that the Scotts is the best, mainly because of its adjustablity on the fly. I have a WER I really like. I think the bottom line is I have not heard anything bad about any of them.

I'm using the RTT stabilizer. (wr450f)

The Thumb adjustment is the best part.

I use it all the time.

tight twisty single track = off,

turn the corner

a straight/rocky section = turn it on and rip

I have GPR and I really like them. Also, GPR has awesome service with FREE maintenance. Ask for Randy - he's great!

Got a Scott's on my 929....seems to work alright for the street but I'm still deciding over which one for the dirt. That RTT set-up is looking pretty damn cool but the I gotta ditch some expensive add-ons that are on there now(Answer top tree and tree mount Cycra Pro Bends :)). Does it ever end?

Pretty much anything , and everything has been talked about in here. if everybody went to search, everytime somebody had a question, there wouldnt be a thumper talk. :)

thanks for the help , guys.

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