06 yz450f stock suspension settings?

I bought a used bike that did not come with a owners manual. I would like to turn my suspension back to the stock settings and adjust from there for my weight and riding style. However, I have looked all over and can't seem to find anyone that has mentioned what the stock setting were. Does anyone know what the stock settings are for compression and rebound for the the front and rear? (High and low speed for rear, please)


Download a manual here:


The original settings are listed in section 2

While you are correct in wanting to adjust the clickers to your riding type, style, and skill level, you do not use damping adjustments, whether it's just the clickers or a revalve, to compensate for your weight if it's outside the range the bike was built for. That can only be done by changing the springs.

The bike was built to accommodate riders weighing in the 170-185 pound range in street clothes.

Gray - I have yet to do my suspension, eventually I will and I'm 200+. Right now I have everything set at 9 C/R and it seems pretty good. When I do spend the $ I really don't want to replace the rear titanium spring, but clearly the front requires a bit heavier springs (using my 2 smoker as a reference and its suspension) as I get full use on large jumps at the track. Can I get away with just the front springs, revalve, etc? I know I should do the whole thing for balance, but I could also spend gobs of money or keep it economical.

Getting the correct springs for your weight is a must if you want to get the suspension working like it should. I have the same bike and I weigh 204 in street clothes and I ride mainly single track. My fork springs are .48 and the rear is 5.6. I would get the springs and then do a revalve. Keep an eye on ebay for the springs because I got both the fork and shock springs for $75 total.

Thanks, although I shop on ebay, i always forget about it when I'm looking for hard parts. Were these springs new, preowned? Thanks for the tip. Did you stick with titanium or switch to steel?

You can just get by with the stock springs. You may need to add a little fluid to the outer chamber if it is too soft toward the bottom of the stroke.

I know on my 06 before I had it revalved I had to add a little fluid cause it had a tendency to want to bottom with me. It also seemed to ride lower in the stroke which produced a plusher ride so I had to go in a few clicks on the compression to stiffen it up.

All the revalve done for me was made the bike ride higher in the stroke and made the forks a little stiffer. The rear as revalved also and I ran the high speed at one turn in from all the way out to better absorb the breaking bumps.

If you ride tracks a lot and they have lots of breaking bumps I would try and to open up the High Speed compression to deal with the bumps. Try a half turn in and the Low speed compression at 10 out and see how that does.

Dont forget to set your rider sag. A good starting point is from anywhere from 98mm-102mm. Then check your Static sag and make sure its not past 35mm and below 25mm.

I weigh 175lbs and my sag is at 96mm. It was at 102mm but the front wanted to stay up high when I hit jumps and the rear stayed low,so I went a turn down on the rear spring and this solved the front wanting to stay high.

You can just get by with the stock springs.
For the record, I disagree. You might, if you do mostly off-road/enduro stuff, but if you ride MX at all aggressively, the right springs are very important. More important than the 3 pound difference between steel and Ti.

I agree with you gray. If he is just going to do trail riding and playing around I would keep the stock one.

However if he is racing then I most certainly would get the correct Fork springs for my weight.

Thanks everyone for your input. I was able download the owners manual online and set my suspension back to the original settings. The guy I had purchased the bike from, come to find out, let his 18 year old ride it for 6 months. He had the rebound on the front fork turned all the way out. The minute I noticed that, I figured I better check the rest of the suspension. Sure enough, it was all jacked up. I took it to the sand dunes last weekend and will be headed to the track tomorrow. I will finish getting it tuned in then.

Thanks again.

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