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FCR Identification & 400E carb setup. Eddie, please help!

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I just bought a 2001 DRZ 400E (giving it some TLC and converting it to a Supermoto) and I wanted to be sure and cover all the bases for setting up the carb. As far as I know, the motor is stock and the bike has a high-flow air cleaner, removed snorkel, and a Yoshimura muffler. I will order a James Dean jet kit from TT, but wanted to be sure and order the right kit. The carb (pictured below) is the FCR (O.E.M.?) and not the FCR-MX, correct?

As for setup, this is what I plan on doing:

1.) Eddie mod – modifications on the accelerator pump linkage and diaphragm.

2.) Remove throttle position sensor – Do I remove all related components from the carb? What else needs to be done once the tps is disconnected?

3.) Remove coast enrichener – plug port on cylinder head and connect 2 fittings on carb

4.) 160 main jet

jd blue needle

clip 3

stock 45 pilot jet

2.5 turns fuel screw

200 main air jet

Remove 100 pilot air jet (and just to verify, don’t put anything in its place?)

I will be riding primarily in Georgia – 1000’ above sea level, temperatures up to around 95°F, and humidity up to around 90% in the summer.

Any other mod’s I missed? Are the settings close and a good place to start?

Thank you very much Eddie (and I hope you had a great birthday!)

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Wow, some quick responses! Thank you very much!

Noble, I have read a few threads on the TPS (most recently, "Bad TPS sensor and surging" and "Help! DRZ suddenly looses power over 1/4 throttle" here on the DRZ 400 forum) and I had a few questions. When I got the bike, the TPS screw was loose and the TPS was clearly loose as well. After looking at a Dirt Rider magazine article, they said you can't just reinstall the TPS and go, it must be "calibrated" by a dealer.

Should I take it off and leave it off or take the whole bike to my local dealer?

Smias, I haven't removed it yet. I thought there was an advantage to removeing the CE, is that not the case?

Thank you very much for the info and help!

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Yes that is a stock OEM DRZ400E FCR carb. Most of the info on FCR is for the aftermarket FCR MX carb. Yes, leave all the pilot jets (air and fuel) stock. To remove the CE just plug the head nipple and connect the 2 on the carb body. If you want to go with a 100 air jet, you can plug all the nipples.

No real advantage to removing the CE. Just gets rid of some hose mess.

I am not aware of any problems with TPS. Yes you can remove it. Calibration is not hard. You can do it at home with an ohm meter. Or just set it mid travel and it will be in cal. It is not critical. I must have missed the posts that said it was a problem. The general consensus is it does nothing

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Hi. Currently installing the 39mm FCR MX from TT and in the faq it says to remove the pilot air jet but in the instructions they send with the carb it does not say that. Any insight into this would awesome as im craving a ride.

Do not look at all the instructions , just follow these from FAQ .

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Ok, thank you for clearing that up! I will get the JD jet kit on order asap. Can anyone offer any insight to the settings?

Thanks again for all the info and help!

You are wasting your money on a Jet kit....You don't need it..

#160 MJ

#45 pilot

Get an EMN needle and run it on 3rd Clip from the top..

2 turns fuel screw.

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If im buying a new fcr 39mm or 41mm,for my drz 400 s 2007 what one is better.The bike is stock know,but want to do full exhaust,3x3 air box mod,maybe cams??

Only really need the 41 if you are going to do BB and stroker...

Go the 39 for the mods shown above...

If you do plan on BB/Stroker in the future , you could save yourself some $ and get the 41.

Keep in mind the bike won't run very well ,until you do .


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