Real world review of DNA eXtreme wheels

I have seen many threads regarding DNA wheels with many people saying that they are great and many skeptics "hearing" about failures, so I thought that I would add my own personal experience with these wheels. This is a little long, but if you really want to know, you may appreciate the time that it took me to write it.

I purchased my first off-road bike in March 09, a 2002 YZ250 set up for off-road Hare Scramble racing. This bike had been beat to hell and when I say this, it was justified by the pipe wrapped around both sides of the downtubes, dented frame, chain guide bent with the chain gnawing through the last bolt, ripped seat, and fork tubes that looked like they had been "distressed" with chain links. But the price was right since I didn't have alot of money, but I did have the time and mechanical knowledge to give it alot of TLC. It had DNA wheels on it and and two front spokes were broken. I was told that by the seller that I could probably get spokes easily enough for it.

So after bringing the bike home, I started looking around the internet for DNA wheel dealers and did not find anything. I did however, find the manufacturers website and contacted them through their e-mail contact, asking for a dealer so I could buy new spokes. A guy at DNA e-mailed me back the same day and said that he could ship me a spoke set and all I had to do was pay for the set and shipping. I was such a noob that I had to ask him if a set meant the spoke and nipple or if a set meant all the spokes needed for a wheel! I think that he realized that I knew so little about wheels that he even offered to re-lace and true the wheel for me with all new spokes if I paid for the spoke set and shipping to and from DNA.

I jumped at the opportunity since I knew nothing about re-lacing a wheel and I was busy enough tearing the bike down to the frame. So I made a custom box with lots of packing, sent the wheel off, sent him the payment through Paypal and continued to work on the bike. When my wheel came back a couple weeks later, it was in a brand new DNA box, had all the spokes and was trued.

Upon closer investigation, I noticed that the wheel had new bearings, seals and spacers, but only the broken spokes had been replaced. I figure that he just replaced the spokes necessary and focused the rest of his time and the money that I paid him on the bearings/spacers that needed replaced and to be honest, I was happy and satisfied with that since the customer service was so good to begin with and I now had a complete wheel to put on the bike.

So, on to my first season of riding. I put alot of hours on this bike, ripping everything from a small motocross track to single track technical stuff, riding through clearcut forest areas where there were no trails with stumps and trees on the ground, ATV trails, rocky brooks, fire roads, etc. Speeds from 10MPH to 83MPH, all with the experience of a newbie which means that I was hitting rocks, dumping it in mudholes, landing short off jumps. I pretty much did everything to this bike except case a jump with it and I am no lightweight at 220lbs.

How did the wheels fare? I broke one spoke in a swamp when I leaned the bike over while spinning and caught a root from a tree stump with the rear wheel. I broke a spoke on the front wheel and two on the rear wheels when I hit a rock going fast which also flattened my year tire. I later realized that I had not checked the tire pressure before riding and the bike had sat for a couple weeks. I only had 7psi in the front and probably below 12 on the rear.

End of season one - one broken front spoke and three broken year spokes so I e-mailed DNA once again and got them to send me two sets of spokes so I could replace the front and rear. I sent payment for them and shipping once again through Paypal and the contact at DNA was again very helpful. With much more knowledge about wheels and spokes, I got my wheels ready for season two and I have been pounding them just as hard with very little more riding skill and they are standing up great. My only vice so far, is that I ordered a set of YZ250 bearings and seals last week to replace the rear bearings before they start going bad to find out that you need to buy the bearings from DNA? I just took the wheel off last night and it looks like they are not the same bearings and threads here on TT say that I need to get them from DNA or take them to a bearing shop and get something that matches.

So, long story short, my verdict on DNA wheels is that with proper care and maintenace (no dumbass newbie tricks), these wheels, spokes, and hubs will stand up to anything that stockers will, and more. They look great doing it, and my experience with their customer service has been excellent! You just need to get the bearings from DNA or find replacements from a bearing shop elsewhere...

I would definitely buy another set of these wheels. Let me know if anyone has any questions.

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I guess I wrote too much, got complaints.

Thanks for the write up! I am saving up for a set as well but suspension takes priority :smirk:

Feedback appreciated!

I bought some for my 2005 yz 250. Like you mentioned, the packaging was nice and the wheels looked great. Two things about these wheels bothered me:

1. The spokes were loose. I torqued them to spec and they have been fine ever since.

2. There are different size spacers for the front and back rim with zero instructions. If you think about it, you can figure out which side goes where but some instructions would be nice.

Other than that, I have been pounding them on a MX track with zero problems.

Op, thank you for the info. I have looked at this wheel set in the past but was not really sure of their durability. Sounds like DNA is a pretty good stand up company and I will keep your review in mind the next time I need a set of new wheels. Cheers :smirk:

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I love this place!!:smirk::lol::cheers: great post by the way, clears things up about dna stuff. funny i am old and i could read it just fine, but i had my cheaters on :smirk:

I would not reccoment these wheels!!!!!!!! I ourchased a set for my CRF450. Black with red hubs. They looked great at first. The front rim has faded from black, to brown , to almost a gold color now. Their coating totally failed! I tried to get them to warranty the wheel with no luck. I was told it was from chemically washing them (which I have not). The back rim is still black, why would it stay the same and not fade if it was from me washing it???? HORRIBLE CUSTOMER SERVICE. AVOID DNA WHEELS!

Yah .. I have a set of DNA wheels , I ride in a aggressive environment , the wheels have held up well . I paid around $ 550.00 for the set . I check the spokes often , no fading at all . I have the black rims .. Red hubs .

I would buy another set .. No probs

I am not a rep or associated with the company

nothing like Chinese wheels with "great" customer service....

I saw a set of DNA wheels this weekend break ~75% of the rear spokes. The spokes broke right where they come out of the hub. The rider who had these wheels mentioned this isn't the first time this has happened.

Are the spokes aluminum?

No, they were definitely steel.

Here is a pic of mine. Use to be black. They Suck! Only the front faded. Click on the pic for a closer look. They will not warranty them (I tried).


If the fading is the biggest problem id be content. my fear with DNA wheels would be bending/breaking them. My rear excel has a decent dent in it. So anything but the best scares me. If they held up besides fading its at most 100 for a excel black hoop or a 5$ fix with plastidip, or have them powdercoated. I dont think one front wheel fading is worth blowing up every post about wheels from the last 9 months to complain about fading. Just my opinion. You bought a 450$ set of wheels if they are still remotely true id be pretty satisfied myself

Here is a pic of mine. Use to be black. They Suck! Only the front faded. Click on the pic for a closer look. They will not warranty them (I tried).

In your first post i thought you were stretching the truth a bit...... but that wheel really is a light brown color. Were those wheels anodized or painted?

Yah .. I have a set of DNA wheels , I ride in a aggressive environment , the wheels have held up well . I paid around $ 550.00 for the set . I check the spokes often , no fading at all . I have the black rims .. Red hubs .

I would buy another set .. No probs

I am not a rep or associated with the company

Update ... I bought the wheels on the 28 June 2011

1 broken rear spoke and the front wheel bearings are toast , not too bad for the price .

I was thinking about getting them but chinese rims+90 foot tables seems like a bad idea i just stuck with excel a60's always treated me well, and will continue buying them i have no personal experience with DNA's so i will not tell someone not to buy them. If i ever feel like wasting 500$ i will buy a pair and do a review...dont think that will be happening though.

bought a bike that bad them. person raced and qualified for Loretta's on them. no dents. no broken spokes.

they've been great for me as well. just keep an eye on the spokes and tighten them as needed, just like any wheel set.

I'd buy them again

Here is a pic of mine. Use to be black. They Suck! Only the front faded. Click on the pic for a closer look. They will not warranty them (I tried).

Don't leave your bike out in the sun :excusesme:

I don't leave it in the sun. The back is still black.

i had them on my 96 CR250. i beat the piss out of them. and they are still like new. no problems. no failiers.

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