So what would be the value of a 99 YZ400F?

I'm curious what the crowd would consider an acceptable asking price for '99YZ400F, in running condition that has:

An Edelbrock QuickSilver Carburetor, Yoshimura Stainless/Aluminum Full System with wrapped stainless steel header and midpipe, Acerbis Large Capacity Fuel Tank, Topar Racing Triple Clamp w/ Renthal Fat Bar and smaller items suchs as an ASV Clutch Perch w/ Shorty Lever and Renthal Sprockets, Front +Rear.


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BTW, you need fork guards.

Add-ons are OK, but the true value of a used bike is determined by its condition.

I sold my '99 YZ400F last year for $1200. I bought it brand new, it was in very good condition when I sold it, little time for a '99 . . . probably had the running time of an '05 or '06. The guy got a deal!

I just replaced the fork guards w/ new ones, this picture was taken before I added 'em on.

Thanks for the heads up.

Similar situation over here too wherein I hardly ever ride the bike other then a few times a month in order just to keep everything lubricated and easy to start.

Man, will i hate to see that exhaust go... I prefer this grunt over the my '05 r6 any day.

in CNY, you are talking around 1500 bux...max. Probably less...cruddy market around these parts.

paid 1650 for my 1998,but it was in new condition,under 20 hrs ride time and bone stock

Sold mine a few months back. Couldn't get a bite at $1500, dropped it to $1300, I took $1250. Then picked up an 03 for $1600!!

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