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2011 300xc-w , first ride!

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got my hands on a 2011 300 xc-w today in Québec , canada , its has been imported from USA , its might be the very first 300 in canada or at least in the province of quebec.(that's what the KTM rep told me) they are scheduled to be in store late august.

got my first small ride today , its was my VERY first time on a bike (i was riding KTM atv for the last 2 years) and man . . . i will never go back on 4 wheels.

Its my first bike but that things just hauls and hauls . . . its handle like a charm and you can go down in the rev and it will never stall. got 25 miles on it and i just want to keep riding but i had stuff to do tonight. 😏

as usual from KTM , top quality parts , bremdo everywhere , small speedo is nice , very easy to read even at speed. It though the new graphic where just OK on picture , but when you stand right to it, it's very nice. hands guard are stock , nice pieces.

i didnt have my camera today so no picture for now but i will post some pics or a video tomorrow.

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what's the diff between the 2011 xc and xc-w besides the gearing/tranny?

I'm about to buy a shop's demo model (xc-w) with about 3 hours on it for the same price as a brand new 2010 xc.[Th

The main differance is that the XC-W has the E-Start. I think:thumbsup:

The 2011 XC has a new frame, swingarm, shock, plastic, etc. It also has a six speed tranny and e-start. The 2010 XC-W's are basically last years bike with a six speed.

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