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2006 RMZ 250 Question

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After many talks about whether 2 stroke or 4 stroke is the way to go, my buddy sold his 2005 RM 125 (which was a mint bike I might ad) for a 2006 RMZ 250. He said it was in pretty mint shape as well and got a great deal on it, but after riding it for 5 minutes, he stopped and then a few minutes later tried to kick start it again and the crank case split (near where the kick start is) and spewed out oil. Anyone ever have this happen? No he is looking at $1500 for a used engine, or $600 for a new crank and then pay someone to rebuild his motor. He also said he found someone that could weld the split and then he could put it back together himself. Any suggestions? Also he was wondering if it is possible to put a 2 stroke (RM 250) motor into his RMZ 250 frame? Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated. Thanks all.

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