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10 cr250r YELLOW KNOB

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yes it is the fast idle knob, there is no choke but you can just cosider that the choke. for cold starts pull it out do 2-3 light primer kicks to get the fuel pump primed then one hard kick from TDC and she fires right up. after 20-30 sec push it back in

to adjust the idle, while it is pushed in you turn it either way. this bike requires a higher then normal idle rpm just like the 09-10 450 does. suggest buying an hour meter with an rpm meter on it as well so you can get the right idle rpm

def read your manual as these new bikes are a new animal if your not familar with all the new tech stuff

bike is awesome though i love mine, set your sag and go have some fun

for break in i did ran bike 5-10min then changed the oil then ran it 1hr then changed the oil, then ran it for 3hr and changed the oil and filter. then your good to go

for first oil change i didn't go past half throttle, then second one 3/4 throttle then on last one i went full throttle.

everyone does it different some believe in just ripping the shit out of it right away, not me

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