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YZ 450f vs crf 450r???

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Which is all round better bike? speed, handle, and trail

I rode a stock 2010 YZF 450 last weekend. Comparing to my 2010 CRF 450.....

Here is my impressions:

The YZF felt much bigger......easier to grip your legs around.

The motor on the blue bike felt much stronger low to mid then my Honda ! (reminded of the 2008 CRF 450 motor actually)

The chassi felt much more stable on the YZF. The totaly stock YZF suspension felt almost better than my Ohlins/modified KYB suspension.

Honda turns easier

Honda has a mellow motor that makes it easy to ride for some.

The red bike feels much lighter and flexi.

My conclusion:

If you want a bike that feels light, easy to use motor, turns easy....go Honda !

If you want a bike that handles great, has a strong motor down low, And go where u want it to go...... buy a Yamaha ! When it comes to building great handling bikes....nothing beats Yamaha..... from showroom floor.

I´m sad to say....but I did not want to swap back to my CRF after riding the YZF ! The honest truth !

The first laps back on my CRF....it felt like a 250F.

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