2011 yzf450......

i bought my 2010 and love the bike youd be makeing a great decision switching over. i like it ten times better then my 09 kx. as long as you dont mind changing valve cover gaskets. by the way have they found a fix for that yet.

what did you like that is THAT much better?

The bike handles like a dream. The power is so easily predictable. Did i say that it handled like a dream? The 09 kx i had was so snappy. I raced for 9 years. Now i just mainly spend most of my riding climbing old pipe lines here in west virginia. The 09 kx had supreme power on bottom and mid range power. The thing would lug to the point that it would get you in trouble on the climbs. My yz has the same bottom and mid as the kx. But is smoother and way more predictable. When you read tests on the bike they say that it handles like a 250 2 smoker. Me my self would go as far as saying it handles almost as good as a 125 2 smoker. All of my riding buddies say the same thing when they rode it. Yamaha made a A+ on this bike. Only prob is the valve cover gaskets. I have the tooner for the bike and it is a must because you can make the bike anything you want it to be. Got the FI maps off of yamahas website and they are excelent. Oh yeah dont buy a dunlop D952 rear tire they suck lol. Put one on it two days ago and ill never do that again. Any way the 2010 yz450 is the only bike to have. Have fun riding man.

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