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klx 300 kick starter help

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I have a 03 KLX 300R that seems to have a new issue with the kick starter. The kick starter feels fine and it cranks up on the first or second kick, but after it starts and before the kick starter comes all the way back to the top, it makes a continuous fast clicking sound. It's not extremely loud and it does not sound like teeth are broken off, but it gets worse and louder the more the kick starter is pushed down (while engine is running).

In other words while the kick starter is stowed, it runs and sounds perfect. But when u kick start it, it makes this clicking/grinding sound until the kick starter comes back up.

It almost sounds like part of the kick start spring is rubbing up against something.

Since it cranks fine and does not do it once the kicker is stowed, should I worry? Any help would be great. Thanks

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