does anyone run a carbn fiber aribox???

Not sure if you can get a #210.

Looking forward to hearing which main works for you.


Well, i think that BBRguy is full of himself. He thinks he has this nice pimp ride, wehn in reality it is just a gay bike made by BBR motorsports. They make the crappiest stuff i have ever seen for a 4-stroke. They will sponsor anyone just to get a little bit famous. I say who gives dang about your crappy carbon fiber air-box. It aint gonna give you an advantage on the track, i bet my 4 year old could smoke you.


die bbr die

Man, BBRguy_sucks should shut up. I know BBRguy personally and he is probably faster then you THINK you are. You can't just get sponsored by companies for being crappy. Screw off man. I think he moderators should boot BBRguy_sucks.


ok ok ok, where did all this come about? im not full of myself, im just proud to have what ive worked for...second, i was just curious about the carbon fiber airbox. third, whats with you and all this hostility? c'mon now, theres no need, i mean you went to great lengths to post that reply, first YOU had to be curious about the carbon fibre airbox, or else you wouldnt have clicked into the topic, second you had to create a name to "bash" me, very creative i might add, but sad. and third, post this reply. but listen, if you really are bitter about me having sponsorship from BBR, and having a nice bike, then i have the name of some good therapist that can help you.

- Sincerely Eric

oh, and one more thing. BBR motorsports is NOT a company that will do anything to get " a little famous" BBR motorsports has clawed bit and furied their way from a little nothing shop into a full on 4 stroke performance hop up headquarters, in fact they are moving to a BIGGER factory just so they can keep up with supply and demand. so i hope i quelled that arguement, they are some of the best in the buisness. visit the web site and read more about them, and as for their products, i dont think you can find higher quality billet alluminum parts ANYWHERE. and the level of craftmenship is unprecidented. any of yall who run thei kickstarters can back me up, ok i will quit now, just wanted to clear that up.


bbr guy

i don't know what you did to piss those two off but stick around. they sound like a couple of shits to me.

the web doesn't need them & we all know that.

stick with it. don't plug your sponsor, your dealing with charitable people who give everything for free, expect & will get no reward for what we do.

if you are running nationals, give us some free info, tell us something that we don't know.

everyone here would appreciate it.


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